These terms and conditions apply to all included services supplied by iCracked. It is important you read all these terms and conditions as they include disclaimers and exclusions with regards to liability of loss resulting from services provided by iCracked

All contracts formed with iCracked and users will be governed by and construed in accordance with Irish law, this also applies to all international customers, by purchasing our services you are consenting to this. Any disputes that cannot be resolved by normal complaints protocol will be resolved in the Irish courts system if necessary. These terms and conditions do not affect your Irish statutory rights.


Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee covers all phone and tablet repairs. If we can’t fix your device we will refund 100% of your money, provided no repair what so ever has been carried out. If we cannot repair your device because of a technical glitch or server error of some sort on our end we will issue a full refund. We can not provide a full refund after an order has been placed if the customer changes their mind for whatever reason.



You have the right to cancel your order with us, before you post it to us or up to 7 days after ordering, provided we have no yet repaired the device. If we have repaired the device, no refund will be given, if we have received the device but not yet repaired it we will refund all but the postage cost to return the device to you. If you have ordered a repair online, paid in full and choose to cancel before sending us the device, we will refund your payment in full, please contact us directly by phone.


Refusal of our Services

iCracked reserves the right to refuse to supply the services you order at our discretion, in such case we will refund any monies paid to us, if a repair has not been carried out. Our repair services are subject to availability, in this case if we are unable to complete a repair we will refund any monies paid to iCracked. iCracked will not be held liable for any damages or compensation if we do not provide a repair service, nor will any warranty be included in this case.


Turn Around Times

We aim to repair and dispatch all device’s on the day they are received by us, however this is not a guaranteed repair time and may run over, iCracked will not be held liable if a repair is unable to be completed on the day it arrives to us. iCracked offers approximate return delivery times and will not be held liable for any compensation or damages as a consequence of late or failed delivery by the courier.


Damaged or Unrepaired device Returned

We hereby advise you to check your repaired device on return delivery. If you receive your device unrepaired, damaged or with further faults that were not pre-existing to our repair, you must inform us within 7 days of delivery. If you fail to inform iCracked with 7 days of this issue, we will not be held liable for your device said to be damaged/faulty upon receipt of delivery to you. This has no affect on your statutory rights.


Postage to us and Return Delivery

You are entitled to the repair service ordered, once we have received full payment. You are responsible for having the device delivered to us. We recommend you use a signed for and insured service or courier. We will not be held liable for the courier or postage system you choose, nor any damages or losses of the device in transit to us.

All repairs cover return delivery at no extra cost and will be returned via courier both of which are an insured up to €500 and signed for upon delivery service. iCracked will not held liable or responsible for devices lost in the post and any claims will be directed to the courier and not iCracked.


Repair Warranty

iCracked warranties applies solely to the repair side of the business, no warranty is given for phone unlocks as it’s simply not needed. Every care has been taken in the preparation of our service provided to you. However, as far as is permitted by applicable Irish law, we disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied as to the accuracy of information contained herein. We take no responsibility for any website, app or online service not under our control, which may act as a portal to or for our website, or may be connected to our site via hypertext link.

All parts used by iCracked are brand new and have never been used previously, unless stated and agreed with the customer. Devices repaired by iCracked are only covered for faults or defects on our part. The repair carried out by iCracked is covered by our warranty, this is NOT a warranty on the entire device. A real world example of how this works is, iCracked replaces an LCD screen on a device, the customers device then has issues down the line as in Wifi or battery life issues. iCracked will not be held liable for unrelated issues with the device after it has been fully tested by us and returned to the customer. Our lifetime warranty only covers defects in parts or service that has been paid for by the customer. An example of this would be, iCracked replaces an LCD screen and within the warranty period, the quality of the LCD fades, or the touch no longer works. All warranties on screens are voided if the device and screen has been damaged in any way. iCracked will not replace a broken screen as part of any warranty.

Included in the lifetime warranty are damages that have occurred while the phone was in our care or manufacturing defects in the parts used for repair.  The warranty on repairs provided by us DOES NOT cover “fair wear and tear” damage, such as a cracked, broken, scratched screen or any other negligence or accident on the customers part.  Any repair warranty provided by iCracked does not cover liquid damage repairs as there can always be unforeseen problems down the line with liquid damaged phones. No warranty will be given on any  device we repair that shows signs of liquid damage (For example the moisture indicators are red in an device), as we have no way of knowing what issues this may cause down the line. The warranty provided by iCracked does not cover damages due to accidents, negligence, theft, flood, water damage, natural disasters or war related events. If we discover your device has been previously repaired by another shop or person, and they have not used original parts, iCracked will not be held liable for any issues that arise later from faulty parts. For example if iCracked replaces a customers screen, on an device which has previously had the battery replaced with a non-original battery, if the battery stops working and the device no longer turns on a few months after we have carried out the screen repair, we will not be held liable. iCracked will not be held liable for the previous repair work carried out by others or the parts they used. iCracked reserves the right to cancel or suspend warranties for failure to pay monies owed to iCracked.

All repairs (apart from liquid damaged phones) are covered by a lifetime warranty. If the issue is covered by our warranty mentioned above, iCracked will repair the phone at no extra charge and pay all monies for repair and transit to and from us for the device. If the customer wishes, we arrange a courier specified by us to pick up from an address they specify. This excludes all faults caused by negligence, accident or “fair wear and tear”. Any repair carried out will void any Apple warranty on your device.  If a device has been repaired and fully tested by us before sending back to the customer, iCracked WILL NOT replace a customers device as we have no way of knowing what has happened to the phone since it left our shop.

All repairs cover return delivery at no extra cost and will be returned via courier, of which are an insured up to €500 and signed for upon delivery service. iCracked will not held liable or responsible for devices lost in the post and any claims will be directed to the courier and not iCracked. The lifetime warranty covers replaced screens. All other repairs such as batteries ect are covered with a 12 month warranty.


Data Losses and Device Memory

We do our best to ensure your data is protected and safe, however we cannot guarantee that it won’t be lost, deleted or corrupted. iCracked recommends that you back up and restore your device to factory settings before posting, this is to protect your data from being lost during repair, or being lost in transit and falling into the hands of someone unintended.  This is entirely at your discretion, however iCracked will not be held liable for any lost, corrupted or deleted data during repair, while on our premises, in transit to us or in transit it from us.


Diagnostic Service

The diagnostic service is provided free, this entails our technicians figuring out what is wrong with your device. This does not include the final price. We will call or email you to discuss the additional cost for repair. The price offered would be the same as found online. If there are several issues with the phone you can dictate which you want repaired and which you don’t, for example you may want your screen repaired, but the back cover of your device, in this case you would only pay for the screen to be fixed. We will carry out the repair once we have received payment in full, this can be done on our website and simply quote the new order reference number to us on the phone or by email. If we diagnose a problem that you do not wish to pay for, or we are unable to diagnose the problem we will post your device back to you at no cost to you.


No Fix No Fee

We offer a no fix no fee policy on repairs as standard, meaning if we have not carried out a repair we will either not charge for our services, or we will refund the money paid to us, minus return postage costs. This includes if you cancel your order, get it repaired somewhere else before posting to us or we are unable to repair the device for what ever reason.  If you change your mind about a repair and you need to claim a refund before a repair has been carried out, you need to get in touch with us to let us know, once the repair has been completed no refund will be given and we will not reverse the repair. If we have not needed to post the device back to you, we refund the full amount paid to us as no expense has been paid in postage.

The No Fix No Fee policy excludes water damage repairs and sim card reader repairs as explained on both product descriptions before purchase. The no fix no fee policy excludes if we cannot get access to your device as you have left a PIN or password on it to gain entry and /or if you refuse or fail to provide it us. Failure to remove or provide these will result in us not being able to fully test the device to check for faults, any remaining faults will therefore not be our responsibility and no refund will be given for remaining faults. If we cannot get in touch with you by email to get the PIN removed or given to us, after 5 days of waiting for your return contact, we will repair the device as best we can and post it back to you. Again any remaining faults in this scenario will not be the responsibility of iCracked and we take no liability for any issues with the device thereafter.


Passwords and PINs

It is very important that you remove all passwords and PINs into your device as we will need to test it and will never break the security of your device to get into it. If you cannot remove these you must provide us with them so that we can access the device. If you fail to remove any passwords or PINs and fail to provide us with these to gain access we may not be able to repair and test the device, in which no refunds will be given as stated under the No Fix No Fee section. If you refuse to give us access to the device because of security locks and we are still able to carry out a repair, this may void your warranty with us as some repairs need to be tested fully afterwards.


iCracked Reserves the right to change, edit or amend these conditions at any point in time and with no notice given.